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How Leaders Can Sustain Energy in Tough Economic Times

Suitable for leaders in need of an energy boost!

The cost of living crisis has been going on for ages. There’s not much good news. Everyone across the organisation is exhausted. How - as leaders - can we keep bringing the energy?

We hear this challenge across teams and in every sector at the moment. Our recent WITSEND call brought forth valuable insights on how leaders can act to maintain team enthusiasm during tough economic times.

🔥 Leadership requires energy and optimism. As leaders, it's essential to recharge ourselves to be able to bring energy and thrive. Make time to do what works for you. Eg Extroverts might engage with energizing people, introverts might find me-time for solitude. Prioritise health, sleep, and exercise for a positive outlook. Keep perspective by networking or attending events.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Build support within your leadership team. Energy can't be shouldered by one person alone. Encourage your team to balance driving for performance with sharing positivity and share successful practices.

💪 Energize your direct team members. Understand how they recharge and provide support accordingly. Recognize individual needs, whether it's a walk, gym time, or industry events.

📅 Create an effective operating rhythm. Hold all hands and regular team meetings to generate and transmit energy. Celebrate wins, regardless of size, and consider balancing high-pressure meetings earlier in the week with uplifting moments later in the week.

Communicate clearly during challenging economic times. Be transparent about external factors affecting the business. Acknowledge shared difficulties in the industry to bring perspective and improve morale.

🎉 Organize team bonding and social events. Foster a sense of unity through activities like post-work drinks or participating in team events like charity bike rides or half-marathons. Offer flexible work options (eg 4 weeks work from anywhere) and motivational swag (cheesy but it works!).

🌱 Pay special attention to Gen Z employees. Recognize their unique challenges, financial vulnerability, and facing layoffs for the first time. Set short-term goals with regular rewards, explain the value of their work, develop their skills, and provide a platform for their voices.

Thank you again to all the inspiring women who joined our discussion, sharing valuable insights. The exchange left us feeling energized and upbeat 🚀


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