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Welcome to WITSEND

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Our Story

In 2016, a group of women with leadership roles in digital companies based in London met up for dinner.


At that point, we were little more than loosely-connected acquaintances who had run into each other at industry events, but we shared a desire to encourage more women in our organisations to strive for leadership roles.
A one-off dinner became a regular thing.


Over the course of many dinners and WhatsApp chats, we began to understand the profound benefits of a supportive group of friends, with comparable experiences, facing similar opportunities and challenges – a network that any one of us could turn to for business and personal advice, inspiration and support.    


We shared ideas and resources, referrals and connections.


We pooled our knowledge to help each other.


We kept each other going.


It became clear to us that we’d stumbled on something very special, something that had the potential to bring more women in our sector together and lift them up; to support the senior leaders of today and inspire the CEOs and Board Chairs of tomorrow.

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