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Upcoming Events

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Fri 31 March 2023 9-10am

  • WITSEND's best-loved format

  • Meet WITSEND members one on one in 9 minute slots to build your network and get some inspiration over coffee on a Friday morning

Holding people accountable

Fri 21 April 2023 9-10am

  • Successfully holding people accountable is critical in creating a high performance team but HOW is this best done? 

  • A chance to swap notes and discuss different methods to hold your direct reports and peers accountable to achieve outcomes at work

  • What actions, processes, meetings and/or conversations do different personality types use to create accountability - and what works?

Previous events

Generative AI

Fri 17 March 2023 9-10am

  • Introduction to content-generating, human-inspired artificial intelligence tools such as OpenAI's Chat GPT and Google's Bard

  • Learn from true experts in the field 

  • Discussion on use cases, possibilities and limitations

  • Implications for business leaders, the future of consumer experience, marketing and the digital industry more generally 

New year resolutions 2023 on desk. 2023 resolutions list with notebook, coffee cup on pink

How to find your next role

Thu 23 Feb 2023 5-6pm

  • With special guest Clare Johnston from The Up Group

  • Comparing notes and sharing tips and expertise on how to find your next role (exec or NED)

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